We produce operating and maintenance manuals written and compiled in full compliance with BSRIA industry standards. Manuals can be produced in hard copy and any specified soft format. The documentation can be provided as stand-alone manuals or integrated into a suite of volumes as may be required on larger projects where both a uniform structure and format is essential.

Electrical and mechanical manuals are produced incorporating detailed technical descriptions of all installed systems, plant, equipment and inter-dependencies. This will involve procurement of all related technical data sheets and user publications for all specialist systems (e.g. fire alarm system, lighting control system, air handling plant, etc). Manufacturers' operating, maintenance and troubleshooting procedures shall also be incorporated complete with end of life disposal instructions. Detailed plant and equipment schedules of systems/products will be provided complete with contact details for all associated manufacturers, suppliers and specialist installers. Significant residual risks and access constraints are also considered with relevant supporting health and safety details and guidance notes incorporated where necessary. We also produce manuals covering building fabric & finishes, structural and civil works.

All our manuals follow a consistent user-friendly template for ease of reference and retrieval. Third party templates can also be accommodated as we have a wealth of experience using templates created by clients, consultants, CDM coordinators and principal contractors.

We also produce highly specialist manuals for wind farms, petrochemical sites, water treatment plants, air traffic control centres, airports, MOD establishments and other clients where resilience and quality are of paramount importance.