We take our corporate and social responsibility (CSR) very seriously and do our utmost to mitigate the economic, social and environmental impact of our business activities. Our CSR policy ratifies our commitment to deliver commercial success whilst maintaining the highest regard for ethical values, culture, people, communities and the natural environment.

The directors also support the local and wider community to ensure that they put something back into society. Through their sustained involvement they have assisted with many charitable events and supported less fortunate members of the local and wider community. Pedal for Scotland and the Moon Walk are examples of charitable events that the directors have actively participated in over recent years. In the past, the directors have also been involved in helping with outdoor Scouting events and the local Children’s Gala.

If you are aware of a charitable or not-for-profit organisation, that may benefit from our professional advice in safety, health and well-being, then perhaps we can offer valuable assistance and support.